The Seidl tour through the whole of Vienna

Welcome to Vienna, the city of diversity, history and enjoyment! If you want to get to know Vienna in a very special way, you should definitely consider the Seidl Tour. And if you’re looking for cozy accommodation that’s perfect for your Viennese adventure, Hotel Urania is the ideal choice.

What is the Seidl Tour?

The Seidltour is a unique opportunity to explore Vienna off the beaten track. Instead of the classic sightseeing tours, the Seidltour takes you on a journey through the different districts of the city, where you can enjoy a “Seidl” (Viennese beer in a small glass) in each district. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the diversity of Viennese culture and lifestyle.

The diversity of Vienna’s districts

Vienna consists of a total of 23 districts, each with its own charm and history. The Seidltour allows you to discover each of these districts in a unique way while enjoying a refreshing Seidl in cozy pubs. From the historic streets of Innere Stadt to the lively neighborhoods of Neubau and Favoriten – every district has something special to offer.

The highlights of the Seidl Tour

During the Seidl Tour you have the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting and charming restaurants in each district. From traditional Viennese pubs to trendy craft beer bars, there is something to suit every taste.

If you are planning your stay in Vienna and would like to experience the Seidl Tour, the Hotel Urania is the perfect accommodation for you. This welcoming hotel not only offers comfortable rooms, but also an ideal location for exploring the city. From here you can easily reach all of Vienna’s districts and their unique Seidl restaurants.

The Seidltour is a unique opportunity to discover Vienna off the beaten track and experience the diversity of the city. If you want to combine this special experience with a comfortable and welcoming stay, then Hotel Urania is the perfect choice for your visit to Vienna. Book today and experience Vienna in a whole new way!

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